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Wednesday, 14 September, Evidence, not authority, is what should determine policy My Times column on statins, snus admecool.com example of buys Lipitor Sweden being too reassuring about some risks, too alarmed about others. Washing hands between dissecting women who died in child birth and delivering babies?

No risk, said the nineteenth century medical establishment, ostracizing Ignaz Semelweiss who had had the temerity to suggest otherwise. Dietary fats cause heart attacks, insisted the medical establishment for the best part of five decades till very recently.

It was once the consensus that tonsils should be removed; no longer. So I am no fan of buying Lipitor Sweden from authority on matters of risk, buy Lipitor Sweden. The buy Lipitor Sweden published last week finding that statins are relatively safe, and that prescribing them to healthy people at even low buy Lipitor Sweden of heart attacks should save many lives, made this point. The argument is not that statins are risk-free, but that the benefits outweigh the risks: Large, randomised trials find that statins greatly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes during each year that they continue to be taken. That benefit far outweighs the relatively modest risks from side-effects. I could not care less that there is a medical consensus that statins are safe unless that consensus is based on good evidence.

The opposition to vaping provides a contrasting example where prejudice against tobacco products seems to have closed the minds of the medical establishment.

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Until recently most public health experts made precisely the same mistake buy Lipitor Sweden electronic cigarettes that the opponents of statins make — thinking only of the buy Lipitor Sweden of vaping, not the benefit. Worse, that study compared 30 minutes of vaping with five minutes of smoking and concluded that both can induce temporary arterial stiffening — a well-known effect of nicotine that has not been linked to disease, and that is also produced by caffeine.

The damaging buy Lipitor Sweden of smoking, both to the heart and in terms of cancer risk, comes not from nicotine at all but from combustion products. Milo unsustainable, the screams of the heroes become Buy no prescription abilify unbearable.

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  • So the EU was forced to make an exemption for Sweden.

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So the EU was forced to make an exemption for Sweden. To this day, 21 years later, you can legally buy and sell snus in the European Union only in Sweden. Britain, incidentally, led the charge to ban snus within the EU, one Edwina Currie being the minister at the time, and our government remains impervious to the evidence cited above.

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