Guys & Bets (Episode 157): Rams at Browns, Oregon at Stanford and Top 4 MLB Picks!

It turned out to be a great Monday show with Joe Osborne and Kris Abbott moving 4-2 with their selections and Iain MacMillan unites Kris to talk NFL Week 3, Week 4 of college football and their four favourite Major League Baseball stakes now.
He has an early look at the spread with the Los Angeles Rams visiting the Cleveland Browns and iain is and recommends leaping onto it .
Kris makes his case and has his sights because the Stanford Cardinal is visited by the Oregon Ducks.
Iain begins the baseball as the Seattle Mariners visit the Pittsburgh Pirates, capping off using a moneyline underdog play.
Kris breaks a first-five inning total play with Sonny Gray since the Chicago Cubs are visited by the Cincinnati Reds pitching against Yu Darvish.
The final selection of iain comes in the desert because the Arizona Diamondbacks host the Miami Marlins and he’s got a drama on this one.
Kris finishes the series with a moneyline pick since the Los Angeles Dodgers host the Tampa Bay Rays in some MLB actions that is late.
As the show wraps up with a Q&A session to our audiences, so you wanted to ask if there is anything, then you should be joining us live every weekday!

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