Can you bet online at the Las Vegas sportsbooks?

You wouldn’t believe the number of times we receive emails asking if it’s legal to wager online in the Las Vegas sportsbooks, so we chose to compile this short guide to reply to question if internet sports betting is available at the Vegas novels.
Why are people asking if they can bet online at the Las Vegas sportsbooks? Most folks assume that since the sportsbook are legal in Nevada, licensed and regulated, and they have internet presence, they would likely be available for online wagering. And of course that legal online horse racing betting is available to nearly everybody in the USA, which contributes to some people believing that sports gambling has become legalized on line, which, in fact, remains a very long way from today. The answer to if you can bet online in the Vegas sportsbooks is both”yes” and”no”, i.e. not as simple to answer.
You see, online sports wagering is legal in Nevada, but the state gaming laws prohibit individuals from placing bets online from external Nevada. Additionally, only Nevada residents are permitted to open internet betting accounts with all the sportsbooks. Therefore, while Nevada residents can stop by a number of the Las Vegas sportsbooks and start a private account, which will let them bet on line, residents of different states aren’t permitted to open said account and wager online. In addition, based on Nevada gambling laws, if the account holder goes out of Nevada – they cannot place bets anymore outside the state, even though they could still utilize their accounts when visiting Las Vegas.
So as you can see, on one side, yes, you are able to bet online in the Las Vegas sportsbooks, however only if you are a Nevada resident. If you live anywhere else in the country – Vegas sportsbook betting on the internet isn’t available to you. There is a reason many people utilize the offshore sportsbooks.

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